A quick recap of the steps you take to write a card with your personal pizzazz:

For the outside of the card:

  • Decide who you’re writing.
  • Decide why you’re writing.
  • Decide what you’re going to say on the cover of the card. Congratulations, Thank you, Love you, You’re amazing, Glad you made it…
  • Choose the card you want to use. Make it easy on yourself, buy a pack or few.
  • Choose the pen you want to use. Bolder ink is prettier. You can use colored pencils/pens, bold or fine tip markers, pens or pencils…
  • Practice it several ways on scrap paper & Pick a version you like.
  • Practice it on scrap paper the same size as your card or envelope.
  • Actually write it on your card — moment of truth!

Inside of the card:

  • Remember: this is the where your real pizzazz shines through!
  • Think again about the who & why of your card – What do you want to say? And, how do you actually talk?
  • Write your message that is the way you actually talk…that’s what makes you, you.

Bonus steps for the envelope:

  • Practice writing their name on for the envelope in a pretty way.
  • Write it on the envelope.
  • Write address in block letters. Leave room below the address for the USPS bar code, if applicable.
  • Write your own name on the flap on back in a pretty way.
  • Mail that card/note/letter!

You can download the steps to have a reference at hand when you’re ready to write! Use it on a computer or print it out. Click the download link below.

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